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A group of designers got together and decided that good design services should be readily available and should start with human first approaches.

we founded Studio Minted with the intent that beautiful work should ENCAPSULATE company's values, effort and with end human's (not end users) in mind. human centered design isn't necessary easy to achieve. It means that our company, in working with yours, relies on research, and getting out there and testing your design. We are really good at that. and the end results for your design deliverables reflect this extra work.

Our Culture

Natasha Siminonson
Tayler O'Dea
Eden Genisberg
Josuah Genisberg
Dillion Gensen
We hope to find a balance between a consultancy and creative agent. We are not experts in your business, but we believe we can help fold the needs between your end users and your company values.
  • Design Transparency
  • Understanding Client Needs
  • Training Clients on Best Practices and Design intents
  • Always with 3 round of revisions
  • On-demand like services
  • Hope to be your studio of record

Web or Mobile Design

We guarantee award winning websites that you can grow with - vital to any upcoming or existing business. A redesign can be the best thing you did this year.

6-24 Weeks


We take care of Platform design and development for a new company or startup or an internal tool or upgrade to a company's existing resource.

8 - 50 Weeks

Branding & Design Systems

Creative Deliverables such as logos, brands, and complete holistic design systems that can take your story and transfer it into both your print and digital signatures.

4-12 weeks