Branding & Design Systems

Creative Deliverables such as logos, brands, and complete holistic design systems that can take your story and transfer it into both your print and digital signatures.

Typical Duration

Working with Studio Minted on our brand and logo has been transformational to our growth. Its been a particular struggle to define our position and the SM team gave us additional time to talk about consumer touch points, and a voice or "motto" that scaled much easier.

-Kendra Depento, Founder of Sonoran Heat Sauce Co.

Branding Services

We work with clients large and small to strategically create and advance identities, brands and create what you call a design system that can best unite the current objectives of the company and voice. During the project, you will be working directly with the designer to produce design deliverables and a end consultation to teach the client how to best grow with the logo, brand, voice or design system. Particular strengths and work niches include:


An elegant form of writing and brand portrayal both simple in form or extremely formal. Design style can vary and end deliverables will be in the form a logo type in digital format ready for professional print or a on-line medium.


A logo is one of the first representations of your mission, voice and company's story. We start with a 2-4 week design discovery that assists in finding core competencies within your mission that can be reflected through a clear brand and mission. Logo's will be crafted with a design discovery, trial outputs and options, and then 3 rounds of revisions with a final file and license handover.


Transpire your brand into other mediums both for digital output and print. Stickers, coasters, billboards, signs, paper products, and product design are all under this umbrella of graphic design. With a 2-4 week design discovery, trial outputs and options and 3 rounds of revisions, you will be surprised how brilliant your message will look.


Consultation, thoughtful feedback, and redirection for existing brands. Already have a brand and logo in place? - we can help with ways to extend its reach in many creative outputs while counseling to ensure that all brand touch-points are faithfully executed across all mediums.

What is a Design System?

Our goal is to find a holistic view for your brand and mission. Your brand is the cornerstone of your company and should contain a relevant truth about you or your company with a hint of your story. Design Systems are a next level of brand that helps unify your voice, logo and website or platform. Done correctly, a Design System can be the best way to create a presence that is entirely unified.


A custom digital data-base of design assets, typography, voice, logo, and color rules that your team can access and grow. Consultation and project deliverables vary based needs and requirements.

Studio Minted is an entirely different design outfit. They care, push the limits and their craft is extraordinary.

- Xernie Meritt, President of CEI Constructors