We take care of Platform design and development for a new company or startup or an internal tool or upgrade to a company's existing resource.

Typical Duration

SM understood key decisions that needed to be made to create a unique experience for our users. They introduced us with engineering techniques and a design strategy that put both a map and products in front of users instantly meant that conversions could be high and the social experience could be executed.

- David Freund, Founder of Vibeleaf

Human informed design from concept to launch 

We start with extensive research with potential end users, defining the story of what the product is is and why it exists. As an award winning outfit we structure the conversation with diagrams and imagery. Whether it be the art direction of a product, or the planning and creative direction, or the entire build, we can ensure that all extensions are executed with careful consideration to your vision and narrative.


Human experiences are only valid when humans are involved. With a design outfit we start with your brand and get potential user research subjects to chime in form the start.

Our Process

A formal understand of user journey in every product launch we are apart of is the most important part of this type of project.


From the start, each piece of software is deconstructed in phases and placed in front of test subjects. This extra step called a design charrette is unique to our studio and the feedback that is received includes value feedback to the design and direction.


Consultation and wireframing key parts of the architecture will be conveyed in a 3 step process over a course of 2-4 weeks with 3 rounds of revisions. Wireframed files will be detailed to include direction and delivery of user journeys, form inputs and outputs and overviews of user roles.


Design and development is performed in a strategic fashion that involves a close relationship with the engineering team and design team and the client. Choosing a design outfit, means that the piece will have a high profile look, and pixel perfect execution. Meeting will ensue to adequately track the progress, making sure the intent is consistent throughout each piece.

Studio Minted is an entirely different design outfit. They care, push the limits and their craft is extraordinary.

- Xernie Meritt, President of CEI Constructors